SC4 Reference Sheet


cannot build flexible curved roads, rails, subway, or elevated rails; straight, diagonal, or mod-only pieces from NAM


allows Light, Medium, and Dense in all three RCI zones, with agricultural as an addt’l for industrial

builds rectangular zones by default with system-specified in-laid roads


great looking police stations, schools, hospitals, fire stations


Required to lay down your own pipes

Employs water pumps instead of towers, which can be expanded into larger capacity water pumps

no sewage plant placement required, however water will become polluted if factories (industries) are build near it


in light residential, live in beautiful Victorian mansions and houses


a variety of beautiful parks of various sizes and pieces with BSC mod

Flora & Fauna

nice selection of trees, plops are babies/seedlings – they grow after a time lapse


great terraforming ability, use mods to create height maps


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