SC2013 Reference Sheet


nice flexible roads and rails; simply select the type of road and form, click and drag

raise the roads by hitting the key ‘M’ and ‘N’ to lower


zoning is only allowed attached to a road in a single strip

cannot zone different densities (light, medium, high), must provide desirable buildings/ploppables/transportation to encourage increase in density

not alot of map area, so plan the map and roads/rail before you zone to use space efficiently


can add wings / addt’l add-ons onto civic buildings


does not require you to lay pipes – they automatically run under the roads

requires water towers instead of water pumps (2 types avail with Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack)


will tell you about their daily plans if you click on them walking down the street


you can only build cities on premade regions, predesignated city borders, however the regions are diverse in their topography and quite beautiful


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