CSL Reference Sheet


Flexible road, rail building tools, must click first, drag, then click again (subway?)

Try Traffic ++ Mod and Traffic Manager to place stoplights


No Agriculture zones available, nor light of medium industrial, nor medium residential

must zone along a road, on paint will build 3 squares out

zoning industrial causes pollution to land and water if build near

must build your own Agri districts to start a rural area of town


Game will alert you on newly dead bodies in buildings, must provide sufficient crematoriums and cemetaries

more people attend high school in this game than SC4

no city halls as civics, but avail as ploppable mod


must provide fantastic roadways to landfills in densely residential areas or you will lose citizens quickly

you must connect pipes via dots along towers and other pipe lines.  you must lay your own pipes, they are not inbuilt to roads

must provide sewage drain pipes into a water source.  make sure you build it up stream, not downsteam to avoid pollution nearby cities


very active if there are ped paths along roads


be careful your heightmaps are sufficiently high to avoid flood

cannot name individual cities on map, but you use zone lines to designate a different neighboring city


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