Introducting the Red Continent Graphic

I haven’t updated this blog for a while so I thought I would give you a little peek of what I’m working on until I’m ready to share some more of my cities.

If you’ve read my city journal you know my cities are all located on a planet called Illyris.  It consists of five landmasses, ie, continents, one at the south pole which is uninhabited.  The other 4 are:

  • Elger
  • Danis
  • Red
  • Ruskin

Elger is an ancient, mystical, forested continent.  While Danis consists of three island nations surrounded by sea and sculpted by fjords.  Red is a largely urban, industrial landmass with the largest and most diverse population.  It has a number of mountain ranges,  northern and southern mountains and others, as well as a great number of rivers.  It is also the largest continent. Finally Ruskin is an island continent, about a third the size of Red, but largely uninhabited.  Its population lives along the coastal areas and is known as the land of the Ruskins.  Illyris is diverse with a long history, much of it hidden under the rubble of time yet to be discovered.

I am currently working on the Red East region of this continent.  It consists of three major cities including Ephesus, Venice, and Baghdad all of which line the Venice and Snake rivers.  Below is a graphic I created for any Red Continent-related journal entries.  Let me know what you think in the comments down below. Meanwhile, take care and I will see you soon with another city journal! – Fearless Mayor

red continent '0 01'02
Introducing the Red Continent Graphic.  Red Continent is the largest, most urban, and most geographically and demographically diverse.

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