Steam Workshop Assets for Cities:Skylines

chamberlain tower
John Chamberlain Tower

Graphics in video games like Skyrim and Final Fantasy have improved their graphics greatly over the past decade, and the newer Dragon Age has had to live up to a new standard of color and graphic detail, since its inception in 2009….I still think Cities:Skylines (CSL) doesn’t quite capture the appeal and beauty of its predecessor, Sim City 4, or even some buildings in Sim City 2013, but the functions of the new game make it more playable, and build-able for creative people like me. However…As a user, I get very frustrated when an asset has ruptures, is poorly thought-out, or just sloppily assembled. I’m not a visual artist, so I cannot imagine the effort needed to put together near-perfect 3D art for a video or PC game, but I can tell you what bothers me as a player. The game is still new and I’m sure it will go through its fairshare of setbacks, but I don’t see lots of quality work on the Steam Workshop, for things I need in my cities, like space ports, medieval style buildings, a variety of houses of worship, stylish hospitals, police stations, and schools. My asset needs as a city-builder, much like others on Simtropolis, run the gamut of history and time.

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